10 tips for annual employee performance reviews


By Ronald Guerra BridgeTower Media Newswires Annual employee performance reviews rank right near the top as a supervisor’s least favorite task. Because of this and other work demands, evaluations are easy to put off, rush through or even avoid altogether. ...

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Immigrant paralegal charts her course and helps others along the way


Born in Mexico City, Atalia Cardenas was a young girl when she traveled with her parents and sister to the United States. She has made the most of the opportunities her adopted country has offered. From a struggling engineering student ...

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Be aware and take precautions to avoid cyber breaches

Computer hacker stealing data from a laptop

When Wendy Kindley saw an email from one of her law firm’s partners pop up in her mailbox, she noticed right away that it looked strange. “It appeared to be from our managing director, whose name is J. Scott Dillon, ...

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Legal Aid paralegals find satisfaction in helping farm workers

Migrant farmworkers often harvest tobacco in eastern North Carolina.

After nearly two decades as a legal-aid paralegal, Danny Mills is never surprised when his job extends far beyond the boundaries of a desk, a computer and four walls. Sometimes he finds himself in predicaments that call for skills that ...

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Consistency of client service not just for Fantasyland

Kids having fun on a carnival Carousel

RICHMOND, VA — Go to a Disney theme park and you will understand the client experience. From the moment you touch their world until the moment you leave it, Disney wants you to have a uniformly high-quality, distinctively Disney time. ...

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Legal technicians provide family law assistance

Law book with a gavel - Family law

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Navigating the family law system can be an overwhelming and emotional process, especially for people who have no choice but to represent themselves in court. The number of pro se litigants has steadily increased across the ...

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From BigLaw to big dreams


 Renowned LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya on why art is essential For anyone who spent their childhood building make-believe worlds out of Lego bricks, the creations of artist Nathan Sawaya are awe-inspiring. Each work in “The Art of The Brick,” an ...

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Posner on prose: Writing advice from a federal judge


Judge Richard Posner, the formi­dable jurist on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, recently pub­lished in the legal journal “Green Bag” a delightfully readable two-part article: “What is Obviously Wrong With the Federal Judicia­ry, Yet Eminently Curable.” Some of ...

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Put the blame on VTR: Common pitfalls of a practicing paralegal

Social Media

Having worked in a number of offices and in differing sectors of lawyerin’, I have come to know many paralegals.  And, over the years, many an aspiring paralegal has asked, “Where do you see the biggest areas for improvement for ...

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Paralegal, law clerk fees proper in attorney fee award


Family courts in South Carolina are not prohibited from awarding fees incurred by paralegals and law clerks in its award of attorneys’ fees in divorces cases, the state’s Court of Appeals has ruled. The court’s March 16 decision upheld a ...

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Paralegals invited to advance planning clinics


Bar, care center partner for National Health Care Decisions Day event Christine Brown is passionate about end of life care. As regional vice president of business development for the Hospice and Palliative Care Center of Winston-Salem, Brown walks families through ...

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Paralegals invited to help NC bar

life preserver

Paralegals are invited to volunteer with the North Carolina Bar Association’s Elder Law Division and Health Care Law Division when they join the Hospice and Palliative Care Center for a series of advance care clinics across North Carolina in April. ...

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State takes steps to protect seniors from scams


Urban legend has it that the infamous bank robber Willie Sutton, when asked why he robbed banks, pithily replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” Sutton later denied ever saying that, but there’s no denying the logic behind the quip. ...

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Virtual estates: Helping clients take stock of digital assets

digital virtual estate

According to an annual digital assets survey conducted by online security company McAfee, 55 percent of survey respondents claim to keep assets on their devices that are impossible to re-create, download or purchase again. When counseling individuals and families to ...

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