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Virtual estates: Helping clients take stock of digital assets

digital virtual estate

According to an annual digital assets survey conducted by online security company McAfee, 55 percent of survey respondents claim to keep assets on their devices that are impossible to re-create, download or purchase again. When counseling individuals and families to ...

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Consistency of client service not just for Fantasyland

Kids having fun on a carnival Carousel

RICHMOND, VA — Go to a Disney theme park and you will understand the client experience. From the moment you touch their world until the moment you leave it, Disney wants you to have a uniformly high-quality, distinctively Disney time. ...

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Legal technicians provide family law assistance

Law book with a gavel - Family law

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Navigating the family law system can be an overwhelming and emotional process, especially for people who have no choice but to represent themselves in court. The number of pro se litigants has steadily increased across the ...

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Paralegal certification enters its second decade

The North Carolina State Bar was one of the first to implement a certification program for paralegals. Photo by Teri Saylor

The New Year has barely started, and at the North Carolina State Bar offices in Raleigh, Joy Belk is up to her elbows in paralegal certification applications and renewals. As the State Bar’s assistant director for paralegal certification, Belk is ...

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Paralegal work compensable, but total fee must be reasonable


Relying on a 2011 decision in an out-of-state federal court, the U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina ruled Jan. 5. that the time spent by paralegals working on a Social Security case is compensable but must not ...

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Staying organized key to success for Jennifer Eason

Jen EasonWEB

Staying organized is a way of life for Jennifer Eason. She believes in to-do lists, calendars and tickler systems to keep her work straight and on target. But that’s not all. “At the end of each day, I create a ...

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Lawyers on the Move


Joslin Davis, a principal attorney with Allman Spry Davis Leggett and Crumpler of Winston-Salem, has been elected president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, a national organization comprised of more than 1,600 divorce and family law attorneys Anna P. ...

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New Media to buy Lawyers Weekly parent company


New York-based New Media Investment Group said Friday it has an agreement to purchase the Business Information Division of Dolan LLC, the Minneapolis-based parent of North Carolina Lawyers Weekly and and South Carolina Lawyers Weekly, which publish Carolina Paralegal News, ...

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A way through the darkness

Ignoring stress can be person’s undoing. Fjällräven Kånken Ryggsäckar Take it from someone who has come undone.   Jim Blackburn is living his life in Technicolor these days, but he walked a long hard road to get out of the ...

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The Year the Future Arrives

The trends are clear and undeniable, so paralegals should make 2014 the year they become masters of technology. Camille Stell is going to the movies in 2014 — at least as far as her video camera will take her. “I ...

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Controlling the impact of workplace conflict

Workplace conflict can wreak havoc with office culture, especially if it is ignored or handled improperly. Communication breakdowns and lower productivity can result; such situations also breed unhealthy relationships. And the work product is bound to be affected. Distractions. When ...

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