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The straight dope on blogging

Thanks to the growing number of free, user-friendly blog hosting platforms, these days anyone really can be a writer, and many paralegals are discovering a satisfying outlet in blogging. Topics range from professional development to dressing on a budget, along with everything in between.

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The winners speak: Ten ways to triumph at trial

There are a lot of different ways to win at trial and just as many missteps that could put a lawyer on the losing end of a verdict. Every attorney has a different strategy when approaching a trial, but most would agree that the more advice they can get, the better off they will be.

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Best CLE: One paralegals and attorneys attend together

Kelly A. Farrow is the assistant director to the board of paralegal certification with the North Carolina State Bar. Farrow coordinates and manages paralegal certification and education programs for certified paralegals. She worked as an intellectual property paralegal for 10 years before joining the North Carolina State Bar in 2012.

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