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My 2016 Reading Challenge

Part I “I’m a slow reader, but I usually get through seventy or eighty books a year, most fiction. I don’t read in order to study the craft; I read because I like to read” Stephen King, On Writing: A ...

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Overheard at the Water Cooler: Making the transition from law firm to in-house

I was excited to speak at the Raleigh-Wake Paralegal Association June meeting to discuss transitioning from law firm paralegal to in-house. I invited my long-time friend and paralegal colleague, Debbie Lawrence, to join me. Debbie is an account executive with ...

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Tech Toolkit: Boost productivity with these hacks and apps

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Technology can be hugely helpful when it comes to communicating with colleagues and clients, speeding up document revisions, and finding information like a professional sleuth — but as most people experience, it also has a dark side. ...

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Overheard at the Water Cooler: Welcome, recent graduates

While April showers bring May flowers, May heralds new graduates. Here is some advice for recent graduates that I hope will also resonate with my working paralegal friends. My first networking experience landed me a job while I was a ...

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Overheard at the Water Cooler: Is North Carolina ready for limited license legal technicians?

Paralegal certification by the State Bar is celebrating 10 years in North Carolina. And while the certification program is very successful, with more than 4,000 certified paralegals, recognition by the bar of a certification program was not guaranteed. Is North ...

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Save some computer time: Take a shortcut

Looking for a few shortcuts in programs you use all the time? You’re not alone. From desktop-support staff to in-trial technology-support specialists, lawyers and their staffs are turning more and more to their counterparts in the IT department for guidance ...

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