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Overheard at the Water Cooler: Is North Carolina ready for limited license legal technicians?

Paralegal certification by the State Bar is celebrating 10 years in North Carolina. And while the certification program is very successful, with more than 4,000 certified paralegals, recognition by the bar of a certification program was not guaranteed. Is North ...

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Save some computer time: Take a shortcut

Looking for a few shortcuts in programs you use all the time? You’re not alone. From desktop-support staff to in-trial technology-support specialists, lawyers and their staffs are turning more and more to their counterparts in the IT department for guidance ...

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Legal Writing Notebook: In with the old, out with the new

Ah, the new year … season of best-of lists, resolutions and transitions. Speaking of transitions, let’s talk for a minute about the ones between sentences. We can all agree that each sentence in a paragraph should express one complete thought ...

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Tech Toolkit: Next year’s security threats to consider today

Tired of hearing about tech security yet? Just wait, it’s likely to get even more intense. With a workforce that’s increasingly distributed — which means a mix of telecommuters, freelancers, subcontractors, and consultants — even smaller law firms are feeling ...

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Leave yourself a little room in your stress cup

I have pretty much made my job my life. I have been first in, last out, worked on weekends, worked from home, worked through all of my lunches, taken on any extra duties or responsibilities, helped everyone else with their ...

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Don’t fall prey to problems in communication

As a paralegal, do you ever ask your attorney a question and get an unexpectedly short response, or an answer that does not seem to make sense to you, or a tone of voice you are not sure how to ...

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Key to success? Become a polymath (but look it up first)

Trying to find one word to describe my 37-year-old son on his birthday this month, I thought about what his strength was, and I realized this man is knowledgeable on so many subjects, practical and not so practical. For that ...

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Time out for time-management tips

Is your work never done? Are your clients feeling neglected? A few lessons in time management can reduce that frazzled feeling. That’s what attorney Sarah Sicheneder has been learning from business coach Julie Keyes. An associate at Johnson & Turner ...

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