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Process and procedure: The key to a well-run firm

Since the 1950s, businesses have learned the benefits of defining processes and procedures. Business administrators could transfer skills into a process, incorporating ideas from several sources. By combining these ideas, they could refine their business process and create the most effective way to complete the job.

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If paralegals were in charge of insurance plans…

If I had my way, all the major health insurance carriers would roll out a plan designed specifically for paralegals and legal assistants to provide the coverage we need and deserve.

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You can’t control the event, but you can control your reaction

If you buy into the emotional intelligence or self-mastery theory that is popular these days, then you are in control of your emotions. .. I would rather believe things can be perfectly logical, reasonable and predictable. Oh, well. We all have our fantasies.

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Meet my friend and foe, The IT Guy

Part friend, part foe. In the legal field, nearly anyone can be a frienemy. In this column and the next, I’d like to introduce you to two of my favorite frienemies: The IT Guy and the law clerk. Undeniably, both are irreplaceable and bring important skills to the table. But both can drive me absolutely insane.

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Start a job search now? Are you crazy?

In recent weeks I have had several people approach me as they were searching for someone to fill a paralegal position. Despite high unemployment rates, there are some open jobs that aren’t getting filled. I have some thoughts about why this is happening.

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‘Guiding Light’ couldn’t make this stuff up

I’m Lindsay Valek – paralegal of seven years, potter, hoarder of historical biographies, and frequenter of thrift stores to the point that local proprietors know me by name. Now add CPN columnist to the list.

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Tips on building a Facebook fan page

As Facebook’s search functionality has improved, law firm marketers say now is a good time to create a business page on Facebook. If you haven’t already set up a fan page — or if you have been violating Facebook policy by showcasing your firm on an individual profile page — here are some tips for building your business page and drawing fans to it.

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What are you doing in 2012?

The new year is often a time when people focus on goals, which typically involves identifying our weaknesses and focusing on fixing them. According to the Proactive Change web site, only 46 percent of us are maintaining our resolutions after six months. Why? Change is hard.

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Paralegals should unite for the profession, despite their differences

By Camille Stell, Special to CPN There are many issues facing the paralegal profession – certification, continuing education and changes in technology, to name a few. I am constantly reading, attending meetings and talking with fellow professionals about the various ...

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