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Tips for cultivating good LinkedIn karma

Every day, I receive invites to join other people’s LinkedIn networks. Sometimes, the volume of these invites can be overwhelming, but because I find LinkedIn offers great value to my career and business, I attempt due diligence and practice care ...

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Practice Regular Acts of Kindness

If stress is the health epidemic of our era, learning how to help one another could be the most powerful cure for what ails us Amanda Davis remembers the day she committed to kindness. Her journey started in an unlikely ...

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A well-oiled machine

A savvy paralegal can make the difference between a courtroom that grinds to a halt and one that sings with efficiency On a busy trial day when a courthouse is running like a factory on steroids, it grinds out verdicts. ...

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When the experts speak, it’s wise to listen

Carolina Paralegal News asked five professionals to identify the trends they see taking shape in 2014. Camille Stell with N.C. Lawyers Mutual; Sarah Kaufman with Ellis Winters of Raleigh, Vicki Voisin (aka “The Paralegal Mentor”); Doris Compton, president of the ...

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