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Overheard at theWater Cooler

Lessons in leadership from those who are there

By Camille Stell, Special to CPN Leadership books are available by the dozens and are authored by everyone from corporate titans to record-setting basketball coaches. Here are leadership lessons drawn from closer to home, from leaders of our local and ...

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Taking a leadership role can be daunting, but worth the effort

Do you have what it takes to be an effective leader? Before you decide to serve in a leadership position, you should examine your skills to see which ones you already have and which ones you need to develop.

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How do you find inspiration? Consider a life coach

Do you wonder what it would take for you to find renewed inspiration at work or to take your career to the next level? Working with a career coach could be just what you need. Here's a conversation I had with "Lauren," who is employed at a North Carolina law firm and has been working with a coach for several months.

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Uninspired at work? Look for ways to shake things up

If you work in a law office, you are faced with deadlines. Some areas are more deadline-driven than others - for instance, litigation practices have court-imposed deadlines - but every area of practice involves tasks that must be done and time frames for completion. Do you ever show up and feel uninspired to do what you've been assigned to do? Do you look at the list and you can't find anything that you want to start?

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Lessons learned: NC convention roundup

By Camille Stell, Special to CPN June is the month of conventions for many of North Carolina’s bar associations. This is a time of leadership change as well as to celebrate the relationships attorneys share and recognize their accomplishments. The ...

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My work style or yours?

By Camille Stell, Special to CPN The Guilford Paralegal Association had a seminar on the first Saturday in May with over 100 paralegals in attendance. I was impressed with the dedication of the professionals who would give up a Saturday ...

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