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Tech Toolkit: Boost productivity with these hacks and apps

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Technology can be hugely helpful when it comes to communicating with colleagues and clients, speeding up document revisions, and finding information like a professional sleuth — but as most people experience, it also has a dark side. ...

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Tips for putting together the all-important trial notebook


by F. Dennis Saylor IV and Daniel I. Small Dolan Media Newswires It almost goes without saying that a successful trial lawyer needs to be thoroughly prepared. But hard work alone is not enough, and even the most prodigious memory ...

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Save some computer time: Take a shortcut

Looking for a few shortcuts in programs you use all the time? You’re not alone. From desktop-support staff to in-trial technology-support specialists, lawyers and their staffs are turning more and more to their counterparts in the IT department for guidance ...

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Posner on prose: Writing advice from a federal judge


Judge Richard Posner, the formi­dable jurist on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, recently pub­lished in the legal journal “Green Bag” a delightfully readable two-part article: “What is Obviously Wrong With the Federal Judicia­ry, Yet Eminently Curable.” Some of ...

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Virtual estates: Helping clients take stock of digital assets

digital virtual estate

According to an annual digital assets survey conducted by online security company McAfee, 55 percent of survey respondents claim to keep assets on their devices that are impossible to re-create, download or purchase again. When counseling individuals and families to ...

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Legal Writing Notebook: In with the old, out with the new

Ah, the new year … season of best-of lists, resolutions and transitions. Speaking of transitions, let’s talk for a minute about the ones between sentences. We can all agree that each sentence in a paragraph should express one complete thought ...

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Tech Toolkit: Next year’s security threats to consider today

Tired of hearing about tech security yet? Just wait, it’s likely to get even more intense. With a workforce that’s increasingly distributed — which means a mix of telecommuters, freelancers, subcontractors, and consultants — even smaller law firms are feeling ...

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Time out for time-management tips

Is your work never done? Are your clients feeling neglected? A few lessons in time management can reduce that frazzled feeling. That’s what attorney Sarah Sicheneder has been learning from business coach Julie Keyes. An associate at Johnson & Turner ...

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Make trust part of work-life balance equation

The popular legal blog Above the Law recently published an email from a Big Law associate to her colleagues. She wrote that “[a]t a recent Women Lawyers meeting,” the firm discussed the notion that “while large law firms have come ...

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Controlling the impact of workplace conflict

Workplace conflict can wreak havoc with office culture, especially if it is ignored or handled improperly. Communication breakdowns and lower productivity can result; such situations also breed unhealthy relationships. And the work product is bound to be affected. Distractions. When ...

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Seven strategies for effective IT communication

The speed of technology can seem like a blur at times — is the iPhone 7 really so far away? — and because of that pace, IT communication can be a particularly tough challenge. People who are bombarded with information ...

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Tips for cultivating good LinkedIn karma

Every day, I receive invites to join other people’s LinkedIn networks. Sometimes, the volume of these invites can be overwhelming, but because I find LinkedIn offers great value to my career and business, I attempt due diligence and practice care ...

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